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Many of the birds in our colony are offspring born right here at the Aquarium and raised by our staff, while others are visitors from other zoos and aquariums around North America.

Penguin Panorama: 22 African Penguins, ranging in ages from a few months to 34 years old, make up the penguin colony at Audubon Aquarium.

Sometimes he finds surprising violence in broad daylight, other times an ominous glitch occurs in which a figure is doubled but more than anything there are people looking at the camera capturing their image.

For his exhibition at NYC’s Open Society Foundation, photographer Andrew Hammerand has taken the creeping dread that Rafman’s project evokes one step further.

That vanilla-sounding revolution in which our thermostat’s, coffee makers and cars will all be connected to the net is already well under way.

“The New Town” is a way of raising awareness about vulnerabilities while also grabbing really beautiful, found images that will only look exactly that way for a brief time in the tech timeline.

Continued The annual Battleship New Jersey Vietnam War Living History Day will take place on Saturday, April 8 from 10am to 3pm.

While there are many overlaps with the 9-Eyes project, what’s clear in Hammerand’s case is that the subjects don’t know they’re being watched.

Perhaps most disconcerting is someone who has set up a security camera herself and believes that she is the only one doing the watching.

Our award-winning overnight encampment program features dinner …

Continued At the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial not only do you see exhibits of artifacts from the ship’s past, but you are put into the exhibit as you go through the tour route.

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