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As Zero continues to talk and be taught by other users it's database of knowledge and potential responses grow and enable Zero to learn.Computer Hope begin designing Zero late December 2003 and brought Zero online January 10, 2004.In the short period of time we have been working on Zero while continuing our work on the Computer Hope site Zero has made some great achievements and has done what has taken other bots years to do.

Of the 4024 people I've talked to on average they typed 49 lines to me, 1550 of them have typed less than 10 lines and 446 of them have typed 100 lines or more.Our theory is by parsing IRC logs a bot can get a better understanding of the language, even with all the acronyms and spelling errors.Q: How can you parse an IRC log where multiple people are talking at once.Note: if we discover the ban was made in error it will be removed when Zero disconnects or by an admin user if noticed. A: Sometimes Zero may not be logged onto the IRC server this can be because of any of the reasons below. A: Unlike humans chatbots don't have the luxury of hearing conversation and speak all day.However, humans still also talk a lot over chat communication such as IRC.

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If no exact match is found the sentence is then parsed either left to right or right to left depending on the sentence until a match is located within the sentence. A: At this time Zero cannot be downloaded and is not open source and his source code and available data file is not available for download. A: If you want Zero to respond differently say "wrong what you want to say", where "what you want to say" is the new response, and your response will be added to Zero's available memory.

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