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The enraged woman warned of uploading the entire chat history on his Facebook profile.

His voice changed and he started apologising profusely – "Please don’t do that.

A college student who advocated women’s liberties were branded as someone who was not "trained properly" at home. An 18-year-old who sent a friend request to a social activist received back a straight and natural question? " He then gave her a lecture on the pitfalls of befriending strangers on Facebook and apologised for not being a friend because he did not know her personally.

Women who speak their mind initially face sympathetic advices to mend their ways. The second day, the girl received a friend request and a message from an unknown woman’s profile.

My family will be shattered if my wife comes to know about it." The woman dug deeper and found out that the perverse man was a government employee.

When threatened with a police complaint, he started crying again – "I will lose my job.

I will do whatever you say."A woman is still not allowed to express her opinions about social, political or religious affairs.

The response comes in obscenities aimed at her entire family. Many of the dubious profiles are claimed to be those of women.

Software engineer Nima said she was recently chided by a morality preacher on Facebook.Any woman logged in to Facebook after dark is deemed a low-hanging fruit. " Some others take a roundabout way to their destination:"What are you doing? So I feel this way to all women." Could not help asking him back if that applied to the women in his family as well.Many men make it a point to give it a try when they find a woman online late into night. Many men seem to have a notion that women get online only in search of love or lust.If she stands her ground, horrid attacks would follow. If the woman is particularly steely, the abusers deploy the last strategy – body shaming targeted at her size and colour and whatever. The activist who lectured on online etiquette introduced himself as the owner of the fake profile. ..." Such questions crop up often if a woman says she is married and still post only her picture. A woman responded to repeated requests by a man who was 10 years her junior. The online lover started out saying that he could not live without her and urged her to go with him to a hotel room.Gender confusion A girl accepted a friend request from an unknown woman because the stranger identified herself as a teacher in Thiruvananthapuram. He said his real profile was sometimes checked by his wife and he could not use it to talk to other women. The questions gradually lose its respectful tone until they reach uncomfortable familiarity. That was when the man who was sitting at the next table interfered – "Which hotel do you want to go?

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