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Evidently adults need to get with the programme because Snapchat is the hot app of the moment.We've been told that you can use it for things other than sending your face with a doodle on it to your friends when you're bored at work.There have been some makeouts, maybe a little oral, but nothing crazy town. If she writes back something ambiguous—"Just at home" or "Reading"—then you can respond with something along the lines of "I'm thinking about you," or "You look so hot when you're focused." Read the signs. Once sexting becomes a regular thing, she may want to send you visuals. Just go back to what you were doing with your imaginary giant dong.She's going to either want to play along or cut it off. If you think you're heading down that path, you can write "show me" as a response to one of her sexts. A few days later, you can ask again—and a few times later, she's going to understand that you're thinking of her when she's not around.If you press the same button you did to take the photograph and keep it pressed down, you can take a video of up to 10 seconds.The video can also be edited as with pictures, with emojis, text and doodles.

If you really want Snapchat buddies, you can share your Snapchat name on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Tinder and hope that people will add you.

You don't ever want to be the pressure guy, so pay attention. Sexting can also be a great way to uncover fantasies, and explore new sexual ground.

If she sounds intrigued, move into the "What are you wearing? The things she will let you do over type will naturally differ from the things you'll get away with IRL, and so it can be a way to discover that she is interested in anal, that she wants more oral, that you might want more nipple play, etc.

To engage in the art of the erotic text, you will need to be somewhat James Bond (but less rapey).

You will need to be suave and clever and above all, well read.

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They call it ‘outing’, and it can be devastating for the victim (and later the disgraced ‘outer’ who is generally despised by all who are aware of his/her actions – good luck finding a new partner). Before you send a photo, think to yourself: would I be happy with everyone I know seeing this? When in doubt, picture a beloved grandparent’s face if they saw the photo. We’d never normally advocate being a tease, but when it comes to sexting it’s a surprisingly effective and enticing way to spice up the exchange without compromising your dignity. An embarrassingly identifiable The Only Way Is Essex duvet cover or an exotic fraying wall-hanging from your gap year? Your best bet is to look away from the camera, as if you’ve seen something cool and interesting out of shot. But if you have distinctive moles or tattoos then, seriously, don’t bother.

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