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Using a nickname might help you to shed your inhibitions.” 3. She’s the author of The Commuter Marriage: Keep Your Relationship Close While You're Far Apart. Romance makes a good point in that you can plant the seeds for your time apart before your partner leaves, then follow through with her relationship maintenance tips once you’re apart: Leave Notes: Before you leave on a trip, plant some little post-it notes -- inside the cupboard doors, in the mailbox, under your spouse's pillow, etc.

If you're the stay-at-home spouse, tuck a few surprises into your mate's suitcase, briefcase or between the pages of a book he or she is taking — it's a quick and easy way to spice up your relationship.

Tease each other -- draw it out to build anticipation.

“Meet in an adult chat room online and get naughty! Romance) is a psychotherapist who [literally] wrote the book on staying close during a long distance relationship.

How do you maintain a healthy sex life when you and your partner live hundreds or thousands of miles apart?

Perhaps one or both of you travel a lot for work or maybe you’ve got a spouse stationed overseas for a military assignment.

All it takes is a little flexibility, some creativity and prioritizing the time.” Here are some tips that have helped Dawn’s LDR maintain its steamy status: ● Send each other letters (the old fashioned way) outlining your latest fantasy.

● Schedule date nights a few times per week and work around time differences in creative ways.

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● When you schedule phone sex (or video chat sex), turn off all other distractions, get comfortable and let loose.

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