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Fr Nugent was told that Miss Kluk's sister Aneta, 28, and the student's married lover, Martin Macaskill, 40, both thought that his claim of a sexual relationship was untrue.

He replied: "Sadly, it is true." The priest added: "I take full responsibility. I knew it was wrong, I knew I was doing wrong but I was guilty. I knew it had to stop so that part of the relationship stopped."I still had the same feelings for her in terms of the admiration."The court also heard that he bought Miss Kluk an expensive laptop computer, costing around £1,500, gave her access to his credit card and helped pay for a flight to Poland.

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The relationship with the girl, from Clackmannanshire, was conducted using a live weblink.

He said he resigned as a parish priest two weeks ago, after being asked to do so by the archdiocese of Glasgow.

Fr Nugent also told the court that around 10 years ago he learned through Alcoholics Anonymous that he was suffering from the "illness" of alcoholism.

At this time Pat said to me that he was getting great help from his apprentice."He said Tobin and Miss Kluk sometimes worked together in the garden, adding: "As far as I could see that was the relationship, working together, chatting, blathering, stopping and having a cup of tea I presume."He said he was not aware of any sexual relationship between them.

The murder charge alleges that Tobin attacked Miss Kluk between Sept 24 and Sept 29 in St Patrick's Church, or elsewhere, gagging her with cloth and tape, tying her hands, raping her, battering her with a piece of wood or something similar, and repeatedly stabbing her with a knife.

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