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The way my friends digested it was even more eye opening.

I rarely brought him around my young black queer friends. My friends viewed him as the paycheck he wasn't and solely because of that, I was apparently living the good life.

blog run by Christelyn Karazin, a black writer in California who married a “WASP from Connecticut.” According to Karazin, eligible black men are in short supply, and it’s time for black women to consider dating men of other races. Seventy per cent of African American women are single according to the latest census data,” writes Karazin. Denying it is tantamount to believing the world is flat.” The book points out African American men account for 40 per cent of the American prison population. intermarriages, says Karazin, black American women take flak for mixing.“It’s like tribalism. A woman who goes outside her race and marries, it’s like a violation,” she says. ” In the book, Karazin asks black women: “Are we supposed to ignore the fact that black people have the lowest marriage rate in the country while having the highest child out-of-wedlock rate? This means “offering up more than just a friendly ‘hello’ to that white accountant who lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees you at Starbucks.” In Montreal, Sherley Joseph, a black mother of three, and her white husband, Clove Roy, host a website and podcast for interracial couples called —short for chocolate and vanilla. You’re pretty.’ He looked at it like a loss, and a lot of other black men look at it like a loss” when a black woman dates outside her race.

women look north to find a good man, and recounted the story of a Ghanaian girl she knew who ran an ad on Craigslist, which attracted “a very good-looking, intelligent, sexy American man” who had relocated to Canada. In a revolutionary guidebook for single black women, “Black women are the loneliest women in America. Why would he get married if he can have Keisha on Monday come over and do his laundry and have sex with him, and have Theresa come over on Tuesday and clean his house and have sex with him, and then on Wednesday, Latisha comes over and washes his windows and has sex with him? One of the biggest expressions of love for yourself is the understanding that you are worthy of a quality mate.” Choose character above colour, she urges.

The spectacle all came crashing down when I invited him, as well as his friend, in town to a club one night.

It was a somewhat mixed crowd jamming out to the latest J.

But when I did they would almost congratulate me as if I won the jackpot; they did this without even having a conversation with the man. What about his family and comfort with his own sexuality? Now, before you think I'm completely naive and that I believe there are no other races that fetishize black male bodies, you're wrong.

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” seems to be a circulating question your average law abiding citizen loves to hear the answer to.

Whether it’s at Sunday brunch when you’re four mimosas in with a group of new gal pals or on an awkward first Tinder date, picking someone’s brain on what stimulates them mentally when it comes to attraction seems to be an instigative game we all like to play.

Especially with a lot of the black gay elite dating and marrying white men, the concept of concrete "black love" is a rare commodity in media and community.

When couples like Juan & Gee, Octavius & Jamal, and Deondray & Quency are highlighted, not only does their work become famous, but their stable black on black union makes their relationship instant celebrity because it is so rare.

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