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Negreanu argued women had every right to hold their own tournament, free of male bigotry and chauvinism.Duke hit back however, claiming that a separate event did no favours for breaking down the sexual barriers in the game.Hellmuth’s biggest error was overplaying QQ on a J-8-K-J board.Stern, holding KK for the nut full house, fired k into a k pot.The row has escalated, with Duke calling for Poker Stars to take responsibility for Negreanu’s words.Negreanu has not replied on Twitter as of yet, but Lex ‘Ra SZi’ Veldhuis came out in support for the Canadian ice-hockey lover.The shrewd Negreanu, however, found the hypocrisy in Duke’s repost.

Whereas some people have praised him for his candidness, others have berated his terse choice of language.

The hand clearly put Hellmuth on tilt, as he frittered away a host of smaller pots.

Jason Mercier correctly read a Phil bluff attempt, calling with bottom pair to scoop a k pot.

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Clearly uncomfortable, with his hand hiding his face, Phil made a questionable call. It seems his desire to ‘get one over’ on Stern had signalled his downfall.

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