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Glamour: Getting to more serious issues, there are two scenes in the pilot with guns. They're going to cut this scene." I mean, it's funny and it's bold, and you get the point of it, but I had a very strong reaction to it as well.

I was truthfully surprised that NBC decided to leave those scenes in given what's going on in our country, as I found it particularly unnerving. I think the consensus was that a strong reaction was OK.

It's true to this character, [who] is kind of a wild card and does really stupid things.

But, I think one of the special things about our show is that while it's a fun environment and it's a fun place to be, every now and then it reminds you that we're in the real world.

Getting to be a part of those conversation is something that I'd be doing either way. We call him "Captain Fun" because he was the first one to be like, "Drinks! America: So, Amy having a child and being married was something we knew going into the pilot. [With that said], I do think there is this chemistry and connection between Amy and Jonah, and we didn't want it to be a simple, easy rom-com.

We wanted it to be able to find itself, and let it feel true to all the different kinds of relationships people have in life.

It's surprising, it's funny, and it's definitely not afraid to be politically incorrect. America: I'm involved in the conversations that dictate where the story is going to go—and just being another protector of the vision of the show.

I have a problem with the corporate aspects of things. " Amy's like, "Look, I can do my job, I'm good at my job.

The ladies also spoke about the 32-year-old having completed a triatholon the day before the award show and how grateful she is for her body.

is about a unique (to say the least) family of employees at a super-sized megastore.

It all started at the How to Train Your Dragon 2 premiere red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival Friday night.

The actress and her co-stars were posing for a group picture when a tuxedoed man jumped out from the photographer huddle and attempted to launch himself under her gorgeous...

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