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We would have loved our trip anyway, but it was made that much better by the information provided in Gigi Guides. If you gotta sell your couch for a plane ticket or miss a midnight train to fall in love, we don’t judge.

I also didn't know how to manage the rhythms of an Italian city, like a local would. Kristina Gill has been a Rome resident for 17 years. She’s the co-author of brand new cookbook Sarah Bianchi was born in Milan but has lived in Venice since she was a little girl.

Gigi Guides is the new generation of travel guides.

Gigi crushes the limitations of a traditional paper guidebook and gives you 24/7 access on any device.

Having lifetime access to Italy travel updates is a great perk as well!

Gigi Guides is allowing me to create the most unique travel adventure for my family that I had no idea was possible.

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We share decades’ worth of experience and believe our product is world-class and actionable. Watch the videos, listen to the audio, or read the written guides. We get so many questions from our tour clients asking for recommended resources, and up until now we could never recommend an all-in-one solution for their Italy trip. Right now, when you’re traveling you can use apps or a paper guidebook or read blog posts and forums. And unless they come with an audiobook version, there’s no “listening and learning” while you do other things (like drive to work).

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