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A report from the International Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Commission (ILGHRC) and MADRE found that Shiite militias were acting under the Iraqi government in persecuting the LGBTQ community.Ashour says the militias “have more space to cover up their activities” under the guise of fighting the Islamic State alongside the Iraqi government, “which is why we haven’t heard much about killing campaigns against LGBTQ people.” Ashour has left Iraq — he lives in Sweden now — but from a distance he’s trying to make it easier to be gay, lesbian or gender nonconforming in Iraq.In March 2015, he launched Ira Queer, a support network and digital resource on queer issues available in Arabic, Kurdish and English.Through its publication of first-person essays by its members and reports on human rights violations, the organization aims to raise awareness on issues of gender identity, expression and sexuality that would otherwise be suppressed.

The court heard that with the exception of the man who confessed, none of the others have shown remorse.Until 2006, a few gay-friendly cafes or the occasional party was organized by underground groups for the LGBTQ community, he says, “but armed militias and government-affiliated groups have been actively targeting those places especially in the last few years.” Over the weekend, for example, an independent Syrian news agency reported that Islamic State fighters threw an Iraqi man off a building in Kirkuk, after he was accused of being gay.It’s hard to tell when exactly the gay community is being targeted, but it’s certainly been ensnared in recent violence.After the attacks, which went on for several hours, the victim needed in-patient treatment at a trauma clinic and now is under psychiatric care for post traumatic stress disorder.She had a breakdown before the trial and was too fragile to be in court to face her attackers.

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Eight asylum seekers from the same family have been found guilty of gang-raping a German tourist in Austria and jailed for between nine and 13 years.

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