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Before you judge me though, my ‘cheating’ has been strictly investigative.With so many surveys claiming that more people are having no-strings-attached (NSA) affairs behind their partner’s backs, I wanted to know whether monogamy even exists today; in a world where social networking, instant communication and a plethora of websites which connect would-be ‘away players’ create infinite possibilities to do the dirty on your other half.My palms are sweaty and, if I’m honest, I’m shitting myself.In my head, I’m rehearsing various responses if she suggests we get a room (“ I want to get to know you better”; “ I never have sex on a first date”; feign heart attack).My wife believes that I’m conducting an interview with a psychotherapist for another story and is under strict instructions not to call me.Even if she does, I’m only carrying my pay-as-you go phone, the philanderer’s most prized possession, so I might not ‘have the credit’ to call her back. Is a drunken snog with a stranger worse than a drawn-out, lascivious email exchange with someone you’re never likely to meet?

Could they even be healthy for the longevity of a relationship, or is the tired star of marriage simply imploding, leaving a sex and morality black hole?Another study published in the journal analysed the body language of young monogamous couples in conversation, with pre-selected topics.The couples whose conversations discussed marriage showed a high degree of love gestures, as you would expect.But, more significantly, a very low incidence of gestures representing desire.It suggests that sex and love are actually in opposition.

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