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Here is an example of a result view with the claims in selectable full text and the corresponding drawing.For detailed information on this new feature, please consult the new GPI user manual on the GPI page.Hello, I am trying to update our servers from the following : Agent to (this I have no problems doing and works fine.)VSE 8.8 update 6 to VSE 8.8 update 8 (I can't get it to update with using the update now command) I have a question 1.is it possible to schedule a automated installation VSE 8.8 update 8 from the evaluation branch ?We have 17 distributed repositories and I need to know what is the risk turning on Global Updating. e PO 4.5MA 4.5VSE 8.5 w 8 8.7 w 3 I appreciate your advice.

Consider whether you need the peer-to-peer functionality and disable it if possible.

Do not use MAA500WIN_if there is no need to distribute an installation package which must be installed under a different user account.

New in version 5.0 is the peer-to-peer functionality, which allows endpoints to communicate with each other to exchange updates and thus reducing the load on the e PO Server.

However, e PO is just as valuable as the quality of the implementation, and misconfiguration or unavailability equate to situational blindness.

In this article, I will provide some tools to improve effectiveness of e PO to help your organisation increase the return on its investment by checking 10 important matters.

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I have tried adding placing the update in current and creating a client task to update all machine that are placed in a sub organisational unit.

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