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When it came to dating Western men, the aforementioned American girl wouldn’t entertain the idea of looking for a Brad Pitt and so too with the older man.

It got me wondering why, when it comes to dating, Western people feel a certain sense of entitlement with Chinese people that they wouldn’t otherwise feel with other Western people.

If you couldn’t get a “Brad Pitt” to date you in your home country, why do you think you somehow deserve nothing less than his standard of men because you’re in China?

It’s what you call social dominance — creating arbitrarily set hierarchies based, in this case, on ethnicity and/or race.But I don’t care how much you can rationalize it — in my book, it’s just wrong.I’m glad the reader doesn’t share those ideas, and she’s not alone.…Personally, when I walk down the street and see a stunning Chinese guy I of course ogle, but I also think to myself ‘He’s totally out of my league’, which I would also do back in [Western country].Yet some of the girls I was with don’t seem to think that way.

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