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When she was 17 years old, Potente spent a few months as an exchange student in Humble, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

She noted in an interview she "had an American boyfriend, went to football games and to my American prom.

' It took him two minutes to grab all the water bottles he had and donate them for the situation and I thought it was awesome he realized, ' OK, the girl's having hair problems.' He just ran in and was like, ' Do you need me to buy more? He didn't think for a second." But, she adds, "In the film, he had to cut my hair but it was fake hair.

I wouldn't have any hair, if we let him do it for real.

He (let's call him Luther) gave my friend his number and e-mail so I could get in touch.

I recently found out that if your face is as lined as mine it is better to use cream than powder. "Put it on the apples of your cheeks," said the pretty young woman who had also asked as tactfully as she could if I spent a lot of time in the sun. I thanked her, we blushed, and they were shown to their table. Hello and hello, a pleasant shaking of hands, we took a seat at the bar. His shoulders were like great big folded angel wings. His face was bony and also very deeply lined, and he looked as if he made things. "That's just what they call the way they cut the chops," she explained, "nothing to do with size." He had the lamb and I forget what I had.

According to pals of the young heartthrob, Elijah has confided he's found his soulmate and wants to marry her after only two months together.

But Elijah may not get the chance to make a move if his concerned friends manage to change his mind.

He talked about the boring suburb where he grew up, and how in his early 20s he had become a wilderness leader. "The trick is to get out of the house in time," he said. "I have already recorded the shape and color of those stones," he said.

Then when he was proficient at everything, rivers, mountains, rock climbing—"there was nothing left," he said, " but to take acid and go into the woods." Acid scares me to death and so do the woods. This reminded me of Matt Damon telling Franka Potente, "I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside," but I didn't say so.

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They had to show him how to do it." » Young Hollywood star Elijah Wood is so smitten with his new girlfriend Franka Potente, he's planning to pop the question.

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