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No issues involving encrypted data -- a major stumbling block in the investigation into the San Bernardino attacks -- have emerged, the official said.A theme park employee “without a mean side.” A protector and confidant. They came from all over the country, from Hawaii to New York.We hope that our fellow Americans will not let fear become disabling,” Comey said.He added that fear “is what these savages want.”FBI agents scrambled Monday to recover data from Mateen’s electronic media — cellphones, computers and other devices — hoping to find clues to what sparked the massacre at the nightclub, according to current and former FBI officials.11 terrorist attacks.“He started acting crazy, joking around the fact that 9/11 happened, making plane noises on the school bus and pretending he was slamming into the building,” said Robert Zirkle, who rode the school bus every day with Mateen in Stuart, Fla., 15 years ago.“He was happy that Americans were dying. I don’t know if he was always a Muslim radical, but he was excited, hyped up. “We told him if he didn’t stop making noises, we were going to beat him up.”Zitkle, who now lives in Tennessee, was a freshman at Martin County High School at the time. He was a ‘Seinfeld’ kind of guy.”The shooting dominated the presidential campaign Monday.

The FBI has obtained evidence that Mateen visited and perhaps scoped out Disney World in recent months, one U. He also is believed to have visited other gay venues to check out as potential targets, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Many who had known Mateen continued to come forward, sharing recollections.

A high school acquaintance recalled that Mateen was a “regular dude” until the Sept. Zirkle said he and other students warned Mateen that he needed to stop.

Rick Scott, Dyer, federal investigators and prosecutors. Sunday when an off-duty Orlando police officer at the club initially confronted Mateen near an entrance and the two engaged in a gun battle, Mina said.

When more police responded, additional officers entered the club and traded fire with the gunman."At that time we were able to save and rescue dozens and dozens of people and get them out of the club," Mina said.

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