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“I would say there must be some truth in it (fake news) otherwise there won’t be so many people sharing it, right?Well, at least I feel for the story, that matters,” a 25-year-old male factory worker told me.However, if social media has become the only or the major information resource, the risk of fake news can be amplified.Generally speaking, the higher education people receive, the lower the chance that social media will become their only or major information resource. Unlike traditional media where information is distributed in a relatively neutral way, information on social media is not only filtered by customised algorithms based on users’ personal information, but is also filtered by people’s personal social network online – that is to say, each social media contact is a potential news agent who feeds you news on a daily basis.So while there is now the debate about how a social media company can take responsibility to control fake news on social media, for all intents and purposes one also has to acknowledge that in many cases, the most powerful information control comes from people’s sociality – on social media there is a certain truism: ‘who you know may decide what you know’.Among like-minded friends, on social media one receives news that is in most cases only confirming the beliefs shared by the social group one belongs to.Mark Zuckerberg finally said that Facebook plans to have a more effective control of misinformation, which is a sharp reversal in tone from the comment he made immediately after the US election that the “the idea that fake news on Facebook…influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea.” The fake news that circulated widely on Facebook is believed to have influenced the US election.

Readers are often interested to understand a “foreigner’s” reflections on contemporary rural China.This feedback will be particularly useful as I put together articles for academic journals over the coming months.In this way, I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to balance two quite different forms of writing: academic writing aimed at fellow researchers in universities, and a more accessible writing for a general public which can also inspire articles such as the one that appeared on the BBC.For Chinese factory workers whose average education level is below middle school (most of them dropped out of school before the age of 17), social media has become the most important, if not the only, information resource.Therefore, social media actually plays an extremely important role in those less-educated people’s communication and (informal) education.

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