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A membership fee (about per month) also helps weed out anyone looking for a quick hookup.There's also an application process that includes personality tests, written questions and a personal chat with a matchmaker.

"I always let my members know," says Silver-Winick, "I say, I will search for you weekly ... On Sundays I can put in seven to nine hours." The beauty of the job, for Silver-Winick, once a social worker for the city of Toronto, is that she can do it from home."On, if you're just looking for an informal relationship, it's a good idea," says Jacob Kosoff, 26, a client of Silver-Winick who came to JRetro after other online dating."If you're really in for a long-term relationship, then JRetro's probably better, because then it's worth answering all those essay questions." For Kosoff, who joined the site when he was working in New York as a financial consultant, the work paid off.In fact, users of JRetro don't peruse for themselves.Their potential dates are selected not by a computer-based compatibility test, but by a human being.

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At Urban Traditional Jewish Dating, we believe Judaism plays an integral role in finding your soul-mate.

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