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Ostrovsky could not be reached for comment for this story.) Ostrovsky's methods have been criticized for years, but his CAA deal prompted a new and more vocal round of animus. This isn't ambiguous morality; this is something kindergartners know," says writer Maura Quint, who has been vociferous in her criticism on Twitter and penned a Facebook post excoriating Ostrovsky that went viral."The more people see him as a success, the more people will want to follow in his filth-covered footsteps.He'll fail eventually,' exhibit the kind of apathy that has led to basically every bad outcome in history." Original Joke: "It only became harmful as soon as his behavior was rewarded with a TV pilot because that means money went to him that could have gone to a real comedian.So there is some comedian out there with an undeveloped idea because Josh Ostrovsky scammed Comedy Central into thinking that he has real talent.His 'brand' is theft." "He'll still have the influence of 6 million people who are mostly oblivious that he's needlessly profiting off of other people's creativity," adds comic Brett Druck.

When you think of someone who trolls the world looking for precious things to steal and call their own, do you think of a calm and content person, or Gollum from?He works very hard to remove the people from his posts."I wrote something on Facebook, since I'm friends with a decent amount of comics, and explained what happened.But they're never going to 'make it' long haul, if that's any consolation to the people he stole from (and to many, it probably isn't). If and when he comes forward and releases the same old bullshit apology that people like this always do, nobody's going to be like, ' You know what?He's already seen more money than they ever will. This is actually a really good dude.' And they shouldn't. Fuck this guy forever." Original Joke: The Fat Jew Joke: "I was amazed that he took the time to crop out my Twitter handle.

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