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Rameshchandra Chaudhry, a lawyer by profession, is in love with Hemnalini, and is displeased when he finds that his father wants him to marry Sushilla, the daughter of a widow.

He initially refuses despite of his father disowning him, but changes his mind when the bride's mother pleads with him, and gets married without even seeing, leave alone getting to know his bride.

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Before he goes, he warns her that he will not be happy if he discovers she is seeing other men.

Meanwhile, Manmohan gives Sapna’s phone number (also 36-24-36) to Satish although he professes not to want it.

I am informed by my friend Raja—who also subtitled it for me, more on that later—that it means troubles or problems.

Unable to get Hemnalini out of his mind, he refuses to be intimate with his bride.On talking with her gradually over the next few months, it slowly sinks in that she is not Sushilla but Kamla - the bride of another male!The following videos of Kashmakash were found on by the moovyshoovy search engine.He is pining for his and becomes lost in memories of her, some of which lead me to think that maybe he’s not the most attentive husband in the world although I may be looking too deep into this particular plot.His reverie leads into a song which makes me giggle: Feroz and Rekha grapple awkwardly in “romantic” poses, but I am distracted by Rekha’s watercolor floral saree and Feroz’s chest hair.

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), alias Kanhai, and I will give him that he has a fine little dog in Moti.

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