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Facebook has sued others before, such as the online security research firm Skull Security after it released 100 million Facebook user names and profile addresses.

On February 2, 2011, Italian-born media artist Paolo Cirio launched the website Lovely-Faces in collaboration with media art critic Alessandro Ludovico.

People create units that have the ability to usurp the power of governments and corporations.

“Today Facebook monopolizes not only the market, but also the potentials of social interactions,” said Cirio.Today, Wired reports that a media artist and a media critic have decided that turnabout is fair play when it comes to Zuckerberg’s ultimate creation.Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico’s social experiment dating website called Lovely Faces recently went online after scraping 250,000 Facebook profiles for names, locations and pictures – and Facebook is threatening to sue.In Cirio’s performances he utilizes the conceptual and aesthetic framework of online networks as material that can be sculpted and reshaped.Like Lovely Faces, much of Cirio’s work is an investigation of the aesthetics and functionality of online networks; they allow people to band together in unprecedented ways.

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