Malay girl dating chinese guy

I lived in Singapore, there're alot of food there are not HALAL. Honestly, FOOD is the only thing I am concerned about.

Another problem will be that I do not know how to speak malay.

Well educated, highly independent person, their family background; inter-racial marriages are common among their family and they’re from, middle to high income families.

She's soft spoken too, really want to see her act ''garang'' one day hahahaha Need you guys' suggestions, Should a CHINESE GUY date a MALAY GIRL?

Just the matter of she not wearing tudung, makes me feel like she's ''shy''but indeed her smile's just wonderful with her chubby face.

Well I mentioned there’s a cause for concern as we have more inter-racial marriages, our very own Melayu culture might be and lost along the way as each generation passes on with such inter-racial marriages.

The Japanese themselves, rich in culture, truly oppose such inter-racial marriages.

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