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Despite the lack of real knowledge there is a strange ‘something must be done’ atmosphere which I greatly dislike.

There is much intolerant emotionalism in which any dissent is sniffed at by amateur thought police as if it were some sort of disrespect to the dead (whose memory I honour and to whose families I offer my profound condolences, if a total stranger’s words on this matter are of any use to them).

Get to Madh Island by car from Colaba (time will vary depending on traffic, but it likely will be between an hour and a half to three hours) or take a train (about an hour) to Malad station and an auto rickshaw from there.

You might even catch a game of beach cricket with the local kids.

You can reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park by car from the Colaba neighborhood in Mumbai (about an hour and a half to three hours, depending on weather and traffic) or local train from Churchgate station (about an hour), with Borivali being the nearest local station to the park.

Madh Island On the Northwest coast of Mumbai, just off of the suburb of Malad, sits Madh Island, famous for its quaint beachside villages and elite parties.

The island is popular on Sundays, with lots of local families heading there for a relaxing picnic.

The island is famous for its caves, which were discovered by the Portuguese, who also named the island.

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There are several of them, with both Hindu and Buddhist carvings dating back to about the 5th century, and they are some of the most famous historical sights in Mumbai.

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