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Relationship expert and acupuncturist to the stars James Rohr joins us this week to teach us about a holistic approach to manifesting the relationship you want.

Laura and Angela have a heart-to-heart about what happens when your double date companions show up stoned. Laura learns her husband is going to see his ex at a wedding and Angela explains why her boyfriend calls her "Angie Boo Boo Hamilton." Then we brainstorm pickup lines for any occasion.

This week's episode is brought to you by Bio Clarity!

Legendary NYC Drag Queen Sherry Vine joins us to talk about marrying people on the subway and why she'd like to date another queen.

This week, it's just the two of us talking about the election's effects on our libidos (bad), a smart tip for your Tinder bio (good), and whether or not it's creepy to show up at your crush's workplace (undecided). Fan favorite Taylor Strecker is back and she's got big news! We also chat about our parents having sex, the affects of drinking pineapple juice on your vadge and Laura's Ayahuasca trip! Comic Jaye Mc Bride joins us to talk about what it's like dating as a trans woman in a small town. Angela and Laura discuss cheaters, couple's costumes VS. Karin Anderson Abrell tells us all about the time she called off a wedding two months before it was supposed to happen.

Then we all get political, chatting about dating Trump supporters and the psychology behind the "I Voted" sticker! friend group costumes and a listener who wants to cancel a Halloween party just because she is jealous of her co-host's boyfriend. Then we talk about timelines, shady dudes on Bumble and "the P word! This week, the girls are obsessed with Laura's dog, who is now a viral internet sensation.

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We also get life updates from some of our most popular listeners and guests, including Scott Rogowsky (who is dating our listeners?! The lovely Elliott Brooks (currently starring as Khloe in the Off-Broadway hit KATdashians! We also review some of our favorite (and meanest) listener emails and comments!

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