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We have the but out the smoke law starting up complete with big fines and I haven't quit smoking yet .

If every smoker fights the fine in court we will fill the courts up and they will be forced to back off . The pubs are already dead enough thanks to the last wave of anti smoke laws.this kill what little night life we have left .?? Maybe the non-smokers will fight the efforts of the smoker and force the smokers to butt out.

Smoking Personals There are a lot of niche dating sites out there, but only a few that are focused exclusively on smokers.

Smoking Personals is one of the few sites that has smokers looking to meet other smokers.

Smoker Date Link Create your free profile and chat 1 on 1 with other smokers. Cigar Passions Cigar Passions is a 100% FREE dating & social networking site for cigar smokers looking to meet other 'cigar aficionados'.

When I showered it was nice not having the smell of smoke in my long hair. The loss of the patronage of smokers will eventually be of little consequence to the businesses.

Now if they could just do some thing to smokers mouths so it didn't seem like kissing an ash tray. I question the suggestion the pubs are now mostly empty because smokers are absent.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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Rose: there will be no smoking in any of the pubs anymore... Its all about finding a solution we all can live with...

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