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She kind of reminds me of you…” These come in handy when making that first phone call; you can even lead off with them as soon as she (or her voice mail) picks up.“Hey $NICKNAME, I was on Google and it turns out that the band we were talking about was The Church…” Once again, these establish that the two of you had a connection and a conversation – you’re not just another random guy. You’re already at ease when you talk to them and because you’re friends, you presumably know enough about their day and their background that you don’t spend much time on formalities, and the usual 10 background questions.The first time I ever received a text message was about five years ago. "Um, no." "Well, let me teach you," he said enthusiastically. " By the time I took my phone out of my purse, he was able to take it from me, press a few buttons and show me the text he'd just sent me.It was from a 30 year old guy who I'd met a couple hours earlier at a get together of a mutual friend. It read, "It's Will." He then leaned in really close (which was sexy) and showed me how to return the text.You don’t want to just be one of her many orbiters who’s always asking her out; you want to be someone whom she to seeing in person.And if you’re dripping with flop-sweat and stammering nervously every time you have to pick up the phone to call a girl, you’re never going to be that guy.Similarly you don’t spend any time or mental effort worrying about what she’s thinking; after all, you’re friends Now here’s the clever sneaky bit: human relationships work on reciprocity.

By acting as if you’re friends already, you’ll be far more relaxed and comfortable talking to her – which comes across as “I am used to talking to women and likely have a number of them in my life”, triggering the pre-selection attraction switch.Instead of asking them about who they are, what they’re into or what their day is like, you leap straight into an actual, easy-going conversation.You’re not stiff or anxious to prove that you’re not wasting their time((and if you are, man, you need to get some better friends)).I mentioned this last time, but it’s worth repeating again: you want to stand out and be memorable to any girl who gives you her number.The last thing you need want to be is the guy who calls her up and leaves the voice mail that goes “Hey, this is Nick, we met last Saturday at the Student Union, I was the guy with the Star Wars shirt that you made fun of, call meeeeeeee.” This is where things like nicknames and callback humor work to your advantage.

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