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Free dating site is an interesting alternative that is ideal for the hectic modern lifestyle of today.(2009)) found that about 6% of married couples met online in the United Kingdom (UK), 5% in Spain and 9% in Australia.“We have a database of over four hundred,” says Branca. Singlez Zone, How it works: The newly formed group hosts singles dances featuring “relations stations” with services such as Reiki, tarot readings and massage.Chances of scoring a date: Members have dated and even married, but the focus is on volunteerism. Attendees can meet beforehand at a pre-dance dinner.Chances of scoring a date: “Some members have dated, but this is not a dating service,” emphasizes Steen.“Instead, our members will meet friends to go out to singles’ events with.” Cost: Options include 5 for one year, 5 unlimited, plus cost of events, usually and up.Throughout your quest of 50, 100 or even more locks/keys, you are sure to meet tons of people of the opposite sex in a fun and different way.Lock and Key Events are a great alternative to the club scene and traditional socials since the fun and unique ice-breaker format ensures you meet tons of new people!

Singles in M’Ocean, How it works: This non-profit group brings singles together to volunteer for charity events and local nonprofits, such as Habitat for Humanity. Why join: You’ll meet new people while doing something positive.

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“It gets you out of your single cubbyhole and gives you a productive way to use your time,” says president Cynthia Branca.

Who you’ll meet: Community-oriented singles from their thirties into their sixties.

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