Updating documentation for learning disabilities

For a lot of college students, those first weeks and months of college life can be overwhelming. The University of Scranton is a welcoming place, and you should be able to find friends and explore college life.

Open Book 7.0, created by Freedom Scientific, is a scanning and reading application, which will scan in documents, convert them to electronic text, and literally read aloud the contents of the page, providing access to individuals with blindness or severe low-vision.If a parent withholds consent for evaluation and the school district feels strongly enough about the need for testing, the school district may request a due process hearing to try to get authorization from the Office of Administrative Law to carry out testing without parental consent.a.The educational tests usually given are: the Wepman-Auditory Discrimination Test, the Peabody Individual Achievement Test, the Illinois Test of Linguistic Abilities, the Wide-Range Achievement Test, the Woodcock, and the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test.However, in order for DSS to understand how to serve students best, we have provided a set of guidelines that are encouraged to be followed by practitioners, especially when updating documentation.These guidelines are often helpful for the professionals who are completing testing, evaluations, and/or examinations so that they are confident they are meeting their clients' needs.

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Mary Ellen and Andrée can help you to work with your instructors, with Residential Life, and others, so that you can receive the accommodations that you need.

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