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Depending on how far 0 will take you, buy a new full-length mirror to put in the corner of the room where light reflects the most — it will add unexpected sparkle and light.

You can also add a custom bevel mirror or a tempered glass top (1/4 inch thick) to a dresser or nightstand to really make an impact. Photography by David Young-Wolff Lori Dennis, Dennis Design Group: For a free bedroom update, recruit friends and clean out the clutter, including items you don't need or don't use.

It’s gorgeous and we love using it throughout summer.

This week, I’m updating a small outdoor table and chair that sits on my front porch.

It’s still useful, providing your family with needed seating to enjoy the outdoors.

” It’s time for an update, but have you looked at the prices on patio furniture lately?

Photo courtesy of Kreme Ammie Kim, Ammie Kim Interior Design: Buy a can of paint in your all-time favorite color and paint the wall behind the bed.

There is no reason why you cannot wallpaper an accent wall and nothing more.

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Instead of buying oversized artwork, you can always use black-and-white photos of your favorite places, create a gallery wall of pictures of family and friends, or even hang a blank canvas on which you can write your favorite quotes.

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn Sue Adams, Sue Adams Interiors: Sometimes the greatest change can be made by simply updating your bed with a refreshing set of brand-new sheets.

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