Were rupert grint and emma watson dating

“of course he will get roles now and again as he is a name.“rupert was the weirdest, dan wasn’t so bad,” watson added.” but grint recently told the mail on sunday that his on-screen kiss with miss watson in harry potter and the half blood prince had ween a "weird" experience.

weasley memorably became more than pals with hermione grainger in the final wizarding movie, much to the horror of the real life pair, who had known each other since they were children.

i liked to think that this horse was exceptionally smart and talented…

that this horse had been acting since it was young, handling the pressures of growing up on film, i mean onstage.“it was a white horse, so i used some of my acting techniques and just imagined that the horse had brown hair while onstage.“i have not been thinking, hoping, wishing, fuck, dreaming of having sex with emma and her perfectly sweet, delicious bum and perky tits since the first day i saw her, when we were eleven!

real life he has been linked with several high-profile women including lily.

and there was a picture of my face smouldering on top of the pyre because they thought the harry potter films were endorsing witchcraft.

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