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After a brief introduction, the parents take turns asking tough questions before determining whether the contestant is a good match for their child.

Once they have given their approval, the two will meet face-to-face for the first time and begin their dating journey.

“The men and women don’t meet until the very end and instead, the parents get to decide their future daughter-in-law.

She could have been a role model for all the other women: she is beautiful, highly accomplished and unafraid.In China, urban parks are one of the most popular matchmaking hotspots.As they stroll after dinner, anxious parents try to identify potential spouses for their marriage-age children.They are also ready to advertise their singleton’s looks, education level, salary, profession and assets (in the man’s case, it’s critical that he owns an apartment plus a car).Worrying about their offspring’s marital prospects remains a major part of Chinese culture and parents still play a key role in decisionmaking about their children’s nuptials.

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