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Read) End While Catch ex As Exception xml Error Str = " method overloads. Your references are correct and to the point; for all I know this may be the reason why some of your other answers were downvoted, or that this one isn't yet upvoted, but here on SO the expectation seems to be that more info should be provided with an answer - this and this are interesting to look at for similarity...

Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.

Hi all, I have a question about using XMLValidating Reader. In the xml data file, if I don't specify the schema file path, XMLValidating Reader always complains.

If schema file path is included, then it doesn't complain.

Methods are called for the document, elements, attributes, and other types of nodes.

This type of API is called a "push model" because the document information is pushed from the parser to the client.

This can present a real problem when document sizes become too large to fit in memory in an efficient manner. The SAX parser uses a streaming model that moves through a document piece by piece and doesn't retain a copy of the nodes once they are traversed.

A client implements a set of interfaces that are called by the parser when it passes over nodes in the document.

Is there any way to tell XMLValidating Reader where the schema file is, or am I missing anything? NET 2.0 you should not use Xml Validating Reader for XSD schema validation, rather use an Xml Reader with the proper Xml Reader Settings e.g.

The Severity property allows you to distinguish between validation errors (Severity is equal to Xml Severity Type.

Error) that indicate a fatal error, and validation warnings (Severity is equal to Xml Severity Type.

Xml Reader Settings reader Settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); reader Settings.

I am trying to find an alternative to the following function, which is using the obsolete How can I adapt this code to work with XMLReader, which is what Visual Studio is suggesting as an alternative? 'VALIDATE XML Public Shared Function validate Xml(By Val xml String As String) As Xml Document xml Error Str = "" Dim str Reader As New String Reader(xml String) Dim xmlr As New Xml Text Reader(str Reader) Dim xmlvread As New Xml Validating Reader(xmlr) ' Set the validation event handler Add Handler xmlvread.

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Is there any way to tell XMLValidating Reader where the schema file is, or am I missing anything?

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